Places to visit

3km southeast of Lamalonga there is a hill called “o Cercado”, in which we can still see the wall remaining portions that limited it in a circular form. Not far from this wall, there is also a crafted granite stone called “Lagar dos Mouros” (Moors Cellar) similar to the one in Panóias, near Vila Real, made for religious purposes. Between this small farm and the village, there is a stone called “Fraga dos Sete Zorros” - Stone of Seven Zorros-, because, as the legend tells, many bastard children (seven Zorros) had tried to overthrow it, without success. Nowadays, there are people who say that it is sometimes possible to hear, late at night, the beating of the sewing press of a magic moor.

Not far from these stones, one can see a shelter with room for half a dozen people (shepards) that used to go there to protect themselves from the rain, the wolves and other animals.