The Village of Lamalonga

In Lamalonga the architectural heritage continues almost unknown. The contributions of Albino Pereira Lopo (1860-1933) and Monsignor of Baçal (1865-1947), in spite of being significant, left blank spaces. The inventory carried through in the eighties, by a team from the Unit of Archaeology of the University of Minho, allowed the mapping of the points already known. However, this work was lacking new discoveries. Only future prospects will allow for the knowledge of all of the archaeological wealth of the district. However, the human presence has been in the territory since the Roman times. The indications of networks of roads testify the presence of two noticeable landmarks in the area that allow us to conclude the existence of an imperial path. It is a region with a vast archaeological patrimony. Francisco Manuel Alves, and its old abbey describe the Church of Lamalonga as an example of that.