The presence of the rivers such as the Rabaçal, Tuela or the dam of Azibo (in Macedo de Cavaleiros) provides a good opportunity for fishing. The nautical sports fans, such as Jet Ski, might enjoy the worldwide championship of this modality, which has been held in Mirandela for some years now. There are some fluvial beaches in the region. For example, Torre de Dona Chama, where the peace of the river bank is framed by a rock bridge on the Tuela, of Roman origin, with its six roman arcs and the beach of the dam of Azibo that, besides the nautical sports, is already classified as a Nature Park and has a blue flag. The hunting fans can also find in this area a place of election for its practice and, for some years now, Macedo de Cavaleiros has been holding a fair dedicated to the hunting, which is already known beyond borders. In this fair, there are also programmed strolls through the city and a photographic safari in the Natural Park of Azibo.

The region occupies one of the first places in terms of the conservation of nature in the country, being the zone with the biggest number of protected areas inside of its limits. By foot or by another way, the visitor will be able to discover these landscapes or simply contemplate what nature offers. In this context, Lamalonga has a privileged localization, 40km from the Natural Park of Montesinho, a reference in the Northeast of Trás-os-Montes. The variety and variation of the mountains, the animal and vegetal species invite us to the outdoors activities. Besides the ecological conditions, very favorable for the communities nearby, shrubs and underbrush cultures underline the originality of this "warm land". We find mainly olive tree plantations, almond trees, fig trees, oak trees, varied fruit trees, and above all, the vine. Whoever visits this area in the beginning of autumn will be able to participate in the vindimas, (the grape harvest) or the olive harvest, during the winter months. It is a region with a strong agricultural activity, which produces with abundance and quality mainly wine and olive oil.